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World`s unique self-driving app

EaseeControl tunes your PC to run at peak PERFORMANCE with unintrusive data PRIVACY and a SECURITY shield for your ultimate PEACE OF MIND.

Take control and do-it-yourself with free unlimited use

Hi! I am Adam, an Al-based-robot!
For autonomous resolution of version, take me!
Only for the price of just two coffees per month.


Autonomous and noticeably faster performance feature-packed toolkit with intuitive user interface app for your PC


Enjoy your work or your online activities! Your computer is always working at peak, your data is fully protected, and your privacy is 100% ensured.

Customer Support Live - Tech Experts Ready To remotely Solve Your Tech Problem

Blazing Fast

You no longer need to wait for an IT tech or tech-savvy friend. Now, you can fix it yourself with our easy-to-use app with extraordinary intuitive UI/ UX design.

Intuitive User Interface without having to get lost, guessing, puzzled, confused, being unsure, learning how to use, or even asking other people


A frugal investment that ensures your peace-of-mind. Your PC will always work at its optimized performance with the price of two Starbucks coffees only.

Data privacy is focused on proper handling, processing, storage and usage of your personal information.

Business Continuity

Limit disruptions to your business activities. A system that gives you control to do what is necessary to reduce system resources and faster performance.

Data privacy is focused on proper handling, processing, storage and usage of your personal information.

Money-Back Guarantee

Is there something our app didn’t fix for you, or you don’t enjoy it? Don’t worry; you can request refund for the last month subscription you’ve paid.

How EaseeControl can improve your life

EaseeControl has nearly everything you could want for your Windows computer health,
bringing with it a range of efficient features, such us:

Protect against mallware and viruses, secure your PC, Keep your software up to date, secure your PC against malicious software
Appreciate the feeling of a brand-new computer and resolve problems with only one click! Optimize it and make it run like a Ferrari!
Enjoy that peace-of-mind that your private information is safe. Easily block unwanted applications that are secretly collecting your personal information.
Did you know that the software we use every day is likely riddled with security issues? Block malware and cyber-attacks with just one click (yes, that is true).
Check the health of your computer! EaseeControl scans all the vital options, including the health of your hard drive, battery, network, and files.
When you remove past programs' artifacts, you prevent Windows from wasting valuable system resources. Our app will optimize the cleanup and clear away junk.
The red square on your screen will alert you of real-time critical issues so that you can solve them before it’s too late. You can ask Adam’s auto-resolving assistance or subscribe to Human IT support within the app.

EaseeControl offers a variety of plans to meet your needs.

Choose the one that suits you best:

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Install it, and you will instantly understand why your computer is acting like a spoiled child. Also, you can get insight into how your privacy or security might be affected. The best part is, YOU can fix most of the problems and protect your personal information with just one click (no tech knowledge needed).

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THE AI Brain

Do you need the supreme level of set-ups? Get this version and you can ask Adam to do it for you. He is able to sense your PC issues and auto-resolve them while continuing your activities.

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Bigger issues? Not into AI yet? Subscribe for 24/7 IT support with a human. You can choose our colleagues from EaseeHelp to help – they are experienced geeks that are walking, talking and resolving critical issues with a big smile on their face. You can also choose other providers from the list.