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There are many free PC performance apps that claim to deliver incredible faster performance, but not all live up to the hype. That`s why our R&D team took the time and effort and analyzed all the most popular options and improved the ones we believe will give your computer a noticeable speed boost.

If you are a Windows user, we know that you will still encounter issues like reduced performance, clogged processes, and fragmented data. To rid your machine of such issues and increase its performance, you can try our app and enjoy the benefits it has to offers.

With EaseeControl, you will be the master of improving your PC s performance and boost your gaming session by unlocking your system s potential.

Easy to control your Data clean up your PC browser from history, temporary data, cookies and other unnecesary data

Faster, Optimized, Lovable Computer

Check out our video for all PERFORMANCE Setup Benefits

Your activity should live up to your customer expectations. With more and more tasks and documents that you handle, delivering projects fast as well as personal customer experiences is more important than ever.

Performance Setup by EaseeControl helps your PC works at its best, minimizing interruptions, so that your work won’t be affected.

What will Performance Setup
do for you?

  • Turn off shadows, animations, and visual effects that affect system performance.
  • Automatically hide scroll bars
  • Setup power plan to ultimate performance.
  • Running startup scripts asynchronously.
  • Turn off showing translucent selection rectangle and many more.

Decide your preferred Computer Performance Setup level

You can easily configure Performance levels by setting and selecting the degree based on your preference: basic, advanced, or max performance. You can select the proposed measures that are already implemented and view a list of measures yet to be deployed. However, it's probably a lot easier to just select “Max performance” at the top of the and then click Setup.

Do you want to restore default settings after setting up some? Click on this option and make your computer the same it was before.

The Windows System Performance Score is perfect tool measurement of how your computer will perform

Don’t have time to Do-it-yourself?

Allow Adam Do-IT-FOR-YOU instead!

Our AI-based robot ADAM is more than happy to:

  • Scan your computer for any kind of problems

  • AUTOMATICALLY resolve issues that might threaten your PC

  • Block viruses, malware or hackers that might wait just around the corner

  • Limit the access of unwanted apps to your personal information

* The AI BRAIN PLAN includes Adam Autonomous Issues Resolving & Full Access to all EaseeControl Features