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World’s unique AI-based robot that resolves your PC issues Autonomously

Included in the AI Brain Plan (our Pro version - 30 Days Free Trial)

Who is Adam Intop?

EaseeControl’s intelligent AI-based robot, Adam Intop, fulfils our dreams for the future of AI. As a unique combination of science and engineering, Adam was particularly designed for understanding and autonomously resolve human requests regarding computer problems such as:


Fixing most of the issues that can cause PC bloatware.


Detecting and blocking viruses, malware or cyberattacks.


Health checking on every 5 minutes for issues that can cause damages.


Protecting user’s personal information, blocking app that track and collect them.


He continuously seeks to understand how he can adapt to users’ needs through interpersonal development, so he gets wiser every time you interact with him.

How can you take advantage of Adam’s skills?

You can simply download the EaseeControl app for free and Upgrade to AI Brain Plan
(30 Days Free Trial). This plan includes:

How can Adam Intop resolve my problem?

After you upgrade your app from The DIY Plan (Lifetime free) to The AI Brain Plan (check out plans) you can simply click on the Adam tile and start chatting with him.

Ask him to make your computer speed up, check for antiviruses, scan your privacy level or to fix a specific problem and you will see the magic.

Check out our video to see how easy is to communicate with him and make your computer brand new.

Don’t have time to Do-it-yourself?

Allow Adam Do-IT-FOR-YOU instead!

Our AI-based robot ADAM is more than happy to:

  • Scan your computer for any kind of problems

  • AUTOMATICALLY resolve issues that might threaten your PC

  • Block viruses, malware or hackers that might wait just around the corner

  • Limit the access of unwanted apps to your personal information

* The AI BRAIN PLAN includes Adam Autonomous Issues Resolving & Full Access to all EaseeControl Features