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Achieving security for your device doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

With EaseeControl, you can implement protection to any desktop device in minutes!

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Every PC needs a good security that blocks applications on the computer from making unsafe outbound connections blocks Trojan and hackers attempting to take control of your PC

We take security issues very serios!

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Hacking attempts has always been a prevalent problem throughout the era of IT. These hacking attempts come in different forms, each one a considerable threat to your business and needs to pre-emptively considered in order to be prevented. Simplify your digital life and get the peace-of mind you deserve with Security Setup by EaseeControl, a unique tool that will block and remove the latest types of malware or any hackers attempts to break into your system.

Compared to other security solutions, our empowering app has some clear advantages:

  • Proactive technology for cumplete security of your PC

    100 % proactive technology, protects against both known and unknown malware.

  • Easy for users to keep PC secured using EaseeControl app

    Provides end-to-end security control

  • Easy to Secure and Control your PC app Windows 10

    Transparent for the user - minimum action for setup.

  • Easy to instal and deploy Security and Control App for Windows 10

    Easy to deploy

Decide your preferred privacy level

You can easily configure privacy levels by set and select the degree of privacy based on your own needs.

Don’t have time to Do-it-yourself?

Allow Adam Do-IT-FOR-YOU instead!

Our AI-based robot ADAM is more than happy to:

  • Scan your computer for any kind of problems

  • AUTOMATICALLY resolve issues that might threaten your PC

  • Block viruses, malware or hackers that might wait just around the corner

  • Limit the access of unwanted apps to your personal information

* The AI BRAIN PLAN includes Adam Autonomous Issues Resolving & Full Access to all EaseeControl Features

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Best to improve computer performance and offer protection to all personal information with just one click.

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AI Brain


/ month

24/7 monitoring activity, autonomously protect & fix PC issue and virtual assistance by Adam, our Artificial Intelligence - based robot.

Free for 30 Days

The Human Support


/ month

24/7 friendly support services that aim to troubleshoot your PC problems fast so that you get back to your activities in a jiffy.

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Security Setup is able to take security measures on the following features:

Easy Control your PC Security Windows 10 with Core Isolation extra security layer

Core isolation is a virtualization-based security feature designed to provide an extra layer of security against sophisticated attacks

Easy to secure your Windows PC against Potentially Unwanted Apps

Potentially unwanted applications can increase the risk of your network being infected with malware, which leads to increase effort in malware identification and waste valuable IT resources in purging the infection.

Easy to control and Protect your PC against App Data Execution DEP – Data Execution Prevention

DEP is an instrument that prevents your computer from any major damage, like malware and other threats. Some programs could attack your operating system by placing a run code that allows Windows to share your location and other private data.

Easy Control and SmartScreen Windows app for Store protection against Scammers and Hackers

To protect your device from malware, you have to install the SmartScreen app. To keep you away from scammers and hackers, Microsoft improved the service for Windows 10.

Easy Control and running filter SmartScreen on Edge web browser Windows operating system computers

SmartScreen is a filter that scans the information you give to online websites. By installing SmartScreen, Windows will notify you if your information is used in an unauthorized way.

Easy Control and protect your PC from unwanted network traffic from inside or outside your network

This app is provided by Microsoft and let you know if any threat is trying to penetrate your operating system. Windows Firewall protects your programs by blocking the potential viruses you could get.

Easy Control Windows Security Notifications and what kind of Security Mesages you receive

Windows 10 Security Notifications includes additional security features. This app will notify you regarding the security of your device and its operating system. It also allows you to choose what kind of notifications you want to receive.

Easy Control Windows App for your PC WiFi HotSpot, Firewall and Core Isolation Security

You can use your Wi-Fi Internet or mobile data as a hotspot. There is an easy way to do it from your settings.