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What is EaseeControl?

EaseeControl is an efficient utility app for computers running Microsoft Windows that cleans, secure and optimize PC, free space on hard drives by deleting temporary files or browser caches, fixing Windows problems, and seting up a better privacy level on PC.

EaseeControl protects your privacy. More than cleaning browsing history and temporary internet files, it allows users to setup easily the level of Windows privacy to for a more confident use of Internet and less identity theft threats.

EaseeControl can update your hardware drivers, Windows OS, clean up to 99% of unneeded files from usual apps saving you hard disk space remained after unproperly uninstall, fixing problems with Windows Registry, helping to uninstall software and select which programs start with Windows and many more!

What can you use it for?

From its name, you can now Easily Control your system and regain all control onyour PC. No viruses, no bloatware, no unneeded files on computer, no more waiting with Slow PC apps, slow start up!

Talking about taiking control of your PC we are reffering about:

  • PC SCAN: Analyzes, tunes, and fixes your PC for you, so it runs correctly again.
  • ADAM Intop: Autonomous fixing your problems before you will notice that they exists!
  • Human suport: For any IT problems that ADAM InTop cannot help you, a human operator will receive a ticket and help you to solve it!
  • Security: Keep away your PC from viruses or trojans.
  • Speed: Speed up your computer by improving your PC's performance and boost your gaming session by unlocking your system's potential.
  • Speed up boot times by reducing the number of programs that start with Windows.
  • Stable and Reliable: Windows will run now to run more smoothly with a clean Registry.
  • Space: Free up hard drive space by deleting unnecessary files. Detect and remove duplicate files that clutter up your PC.
  • Privacy: Control saving passwords, Internet cookies and temporary files, configuration files, Geolocation and System ID.
  • Private Internet Surfing: Clean all online traces every time the Internet browser is closed.

System requirements

  • OS Minimum Requirements
  • Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit)
  • Hardware Requirements
  • 200 MB free space on the hard disk
  • Internet Connection Speed
  • 1Mb/s (narrowband)
  • Screen Resolution
  • 1280 X 1024 - 16 bit (high color) or greater

Note: EaseeControl it is only designed for Windows 10 users.

The app does not run on Apple Macs (Management Service, Management Console, or Endpoint agent) or on Linux.

More answers on Frequently Asked Questions section.